May 21, 2015

For your health ... 10 snacks does not increase your weight!

Often we feel hungry between three meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and often choose foods or meals may be harmful to health or may cause weight gain. From here, make your nutrition specialist seduce Crusader 10 snacks, it can be dealt with between the three main meals:

Edamame (soybeans)

Soy bean is a fresh green beans from the appropriate snacks for health. It contains 8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber and help in the feeling of satiety.


The islands of useful vegetable for the body, it is an excellent source of vitamin "A". Preferably be eaten as a snack is a cut rather than juice, since the islands making juice removes the fiber from it, and make him lose benefits.


If you want to snack calories low, the right choice for you is the popcorn, and the best that you prepare at home. Popcorn contains a high content of fiber, and makes you feel full longer.

Walnuts, almonds raw

If you want to get a snack, you will not find what is the most appropriate to eat more nuts, especially walnuts and almonds-rich in fiber and protein. Thus, you can eat 10 grains of almonds or walnuts what helps you not to feel hungry.


Thermos containing mineral salts, and is made up of calcium and phosphorus together material, and is considered one of the richest grain fiber, making it suitable food for diabetics, especially as the fiber slows the body's absorption of glucose output from the decomposition of starches and sugars, which reduces high blood sugar level, and lowers cholesterol level, and protects against cancer of the large intestine.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a dark rich in minerals such as magnesium and copper, which contributes to the regulation of blood pressure and keep your heart healthy levels. And it works to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Homemade pastries 

It is possible to eat sweets prepared at home, such as rice milk, Orchid, boiled, one of the most delicious oriental sweets which is famous for the Arabs. For these sweets great benefit because they contain calcium are made of milk and prevent osteoporosis, and strengthens bones and teeth. One of the desserts, especially the health of children.

Fruit salad (Click here)

Fruit salad is a meal rich and nutritious because they contain a range of types of fruit, which improves digestion process so as to contain dietary fiber that reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood and excess. And fruits, preferably addressed: apple, lemon, raspberry, kiwi, oranges, pomes, Mandarin.

Natural yogurt or ayran

The milk of snacks, which contributes to getting rid of excess fat and pounds, because of its effectiveness in the fight against the risk of obesity. So, drink milk every day may help you lose weight. It is considered of vital nutrients that benefit the health of the body.

Cup milk with cocoa (Click here)

Light-fat milk is a good addition to chocolate, especially in winter, since cocoa is an important source of antioxidants that protect the body, and rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, sulfur and other important minerals for the body. Cocoa and rich in vitamin C, and increases the body's resistance to disease.
It must be noted that he prefers to eat 2 to 3 snacks during the day to maintain a healthy body and healthy. If the person subject to the diet system and eating one meal a light or two a day. The young need more adults to eat these meals because they contain more calories. As the man can eat the largest amount of women because the burning process has a greater metabolism. It is recommended that the person diversifies between meals salty and sweet in eating foods that contain omega-3 and vitamin E.

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